We are leading manufacturers and designers of enclosures on the Spanish market
We put the most advanced design and manufacturing means at the service of the customer
We have a team with extensive experience and strong professionalism
Design and concurrent engineering, and a continuous feed-back from the customer until a perfect definition of the part is obtained



We design and manufacture all types of special and standard enclosures for all sectors and markets.

We are the leading manufacturers and designers of enclosures on the Spanish market, with more than 2,500 manufactured enclosures.


Assembly, welding, machining and painting of medium and large size mechanical welded structures.

Our great capacities allow us to offer completely finished large-dimension parts, ready for assembly at the customer’s facilities, through a service that includes cutting and shaping, assembly and welding, non-destructive testing, thermal stabilization, surface treatment, machining, laser tracker or 3D verification, painting and transport.


Since its foundation in 1988, EGONDO S.L. has provided technical solutions in 3D design and product development according to customer needs.

Thanks to our large facilities (5000 m2), high load capacity (80 T) and the clearance height under the crane hook (9 m), we are able to able to take on large and bulky projects.


Mission of Egondo

To exceed customer expectations by building trust and confidence, and by implementing and constantly developing internal processes that are safe for our staff, sustainable and environmental friendly and will evolve over time.

What defines our philosophy:

  • Long-term, customer-focused business relationships.
  • Adding value based on our extensive experience and constant innovation.
  • Professionalism and commitment to increase customer competitiveness.



Find out more about them:

  1. Because we always exceed expectations.
  2. Because of our expert knowledge.
  3. Because of our European quality standards.
  4. Because of our immediate response.
  5. Because we are partners, not suppliers.
  6. Because we add value to a project.
  7. Because we are highly committed.
  8. Because we get the full picture.
  9. Because of our strong design and manufacturing capabilities.
  10. Because our company is made up of people with ethical principles and values.

Main manufacturing sectors:

Machine tools



Capital goods


  • Egondo’s target market is Western Europe.
  • We currently work with clients from the following countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, UK.
  • The export share exceeds 50% of our total sales.